Holiday Guide

Cycling Through Europe on Holiday

Do you love to ride your bicycle? If so, have you ever thought about spending your entire holiday cycling across the countryside seeing the many different sights in Europe? There are many cyclists who enjoy spending their holidays this way, and there are a number of different reasons why this type of trip can be amazing and rewarding. Here are a few reasons why cycling through other countries can be a great way to spend your holiday.

You Can Stop and Explore

Cycling across the country instead of driving or taking another type of transportation allows you to see much more, and you can stop whenever you want to explore a little bit of the countryside or to simply enjoy the view. Cycling tours of other countries, regardless of your destination, are designed so that you travel the most scenic routes possible. You can even book some tours designed to present challenging routes and give you the chance to bike up mountains or down twisting paths. Many of these tours also take you through some of the most interesting towns and cities in the country, so you get to explore the culture and food of the area as well.


It’s Great Exercise

Riding a bike everywhere is a great way to get in shape, and a holiday spent cycling is sure to help you prepare for cycling competitions or to simply help you stay healthy. If you haven’t done much cycling, you may want to do some riding before you take your holiday so you’re not stiff and sore the entire time. With a little preparation, you’ll return from your holiday in amazing physical shape.

You Can Go Off-Track

While cycling holidays are mapped out so you have a specific route to follow, you do have the freedom of going off-track whenever you want. Since you’re cycling instead of driving, you can often access areas that larger vehicles can’t. Of course, you have to make sure you’re not trespassing on private property, but if that’s not an issue, you might be able to take a detour and do some off-road biking.

You also have the opportunity to change your itinerary around a bit if you want to. These tours are self-guided, which means that you’re not held accountable to anyone. You will have lodging secured for you all along your route, of course, but you also have the option of taking alternative routes between lodgings. If you have several different places to visit in a day, you can always spend more time at one and skip over the other. It’s all up to you.

There Are Many Options

Many of these tours can be customised in different ways. For example, there are some cycling tours that are set up for both cyclists and non-cyclists so if your spouse hates riding, he or she can spend the day doing something different while you ride out for a day trip. There are also tours that are aimed at families with children, that provide the option to book additional nights for your tour, and more.