How to Make the Most of Your Los Angeles Trip

Most people think they have Los Angeles all figured out, even if they have never been there before. Your very first visit will be far more amazing and satisfying if you plan. As America’s second-largest city, LA is home to a myriad of cultures along with an equally diverse natural beauty. From the mountains to the beach or the city, there is so much to see.

To assist you in being a wiser Los Angeles visitor and love your stay a lot more while you are here, do some research before you arrive. Determining what you want to see and will make your trip a lot more enjoyable, less stressful, as well as save money along the way.

West Hollywood invites design and style, originality, as well as 24/7 excitement. Aside from the daring persona West Hollywood has, it is also an inviting community. There you will discover local shops combined with world-class building designs and architecture. With the finest quality shopping, eateries and bistros, West Hollywood offer a myriad of ways to enjoy your stay.

Learn the City’s Basics 

The Los Angeles metropolitan area is huge and unlike most other cities.  With several counties, it is more akin to a sequence of small cities joined by famously wide boulevards and 12-lane expressways. For most first-time visitors, it is the glitz and glamor of the stars that draws them to LA. If this sounds like you, then visit West Hollywood to satisfy your A-List appetite.

Stay Like the Stars

The best way to enjoy West Hollywood is to stay there. Reserve a room in one of West Hollywood’s utmost ritzy hotel suites and feel like a star. The Mondrian is right on Sunset Strip and is home to Ivory on Sunset, a classy and impressive restaurant. The London, just off Sunset Blvd, is also within walking distance of West Hollywood’s hottest attractions.

Arranging for the hotel room is not the tricky part, however booking that ideal room within the right area and on a budget, is where it takes talent. If glam is not what you are looking for there are also several hostels within the entertainment district.

Sunset Strip

The Comedy Store and Laugh Factory are both famous comedy clubs on the Sunset Strip. Just down the road from one another, both boast famous acts and developing talent. From time-to-time, a surprise celebrity guest has been known to pop up as well.

When looking to enjoy some rocking nightlife, check out The Viper Room, a landmark nightclub with an indomitable atmosphere. Whiskey a Go Go, another esteemed nightspot, presents live rock bands and other rising acts.

Do not forget a slightly more elegant option available to you, the Sky Bar’s glamorous open-air bar, flaunting a poolside drink atop of the Mondrian Hotel.

Fame and Fortune

Finally, there is Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, now known as TCL Chinese Theatre and The Hollywood Museum. The movie palace is on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. Over 100 Hollywood celebrities have handprints, footprints, and autographs in the concrete in front of the theater.

The Hollywood Museum has an incredible assemblage of Tinsel Town’s most famous costumes, photos, and more. Hollywood history, such as movie props, clothes and costumes, scripts and various photos are all available to see within the walls of the historic building the museum calls home.

Travel Tips

Regardless of how you plan to get around town, count on lots of traffic. Situated in Los Angeles, West Hollywood does have some traffic, so it is wise not to drive unless you are used to it.  Plan to stay right in WeHo, to avoid the headache of renting a car and finding parking. Take a cab or try Uber which is relatively cheap. There is bus service and the Metro but steer clear of any night-time rides.

There is so much to do in Southern California; one can see how difficult it is to decide where to go and what to do. Cities all the way from Santa Barbara down to San Diego offer travels the promise of a beautiful sun-filled getaway. Make sure to plan and plan wisely.