Need a Map for Your Outdoor Excursion? Get One Professionally Crafted

If you are going hiking or are out for an escapade, it wouldn’t be fun if you lost your way. After all, what’s thrilling in that? With a map drafted specifically for the region that you are exploring, you can know how to navigate to the best spots as well as avoid some dangerous areas. Often, people utilize maps that end up stored somewhere among your collectibles. Well, the paper fulfilled its purpose, didn’t it? What if you had a map that you could utilize as a recollection of your explorations and achievements? With so many national parks, mountain ranges and other interesting adventurous regions, it would make more sense if you keep a vivid memory of where and how you navigated these regions. At Muir Way, you have an option of getting a map designed into a portrait that you can hang on your wall.

What Maps Can You Get?

With the national park map series, you can learn of the different national parks and the specific areas that you can visit. You can even get the TOPO series map which is based on topographic quadrants that display contour lines and the sloppiness of a mountainious region.

A range series map utilizes multiple smaller USG quadrants to create an excellent visual representation of the marvelous structures of the mountain ranges. If you like kayaking or are into waters sports, then the hydrology series maps will give you a comprehensive guide of America’s waterways. You get to learn of all the rivers and streams that can either be perennial or intermittent. Those who are interested in vintage, Historical maps which are a recreation of original old topographic maps would be sufficient to quench their love for the old. All of these maps are available in 20 color palettes.

Get the Quality that You Desire

You can choose to go for either paper print or canvas gallery wrap. Although both utilize the same printer, ink absoprion is different. You can get the following qualities of paper and canvas:

• Paper print shipped in 1-3 business days: It is created utilizing one hundred percent cotton, acid-free archival art paper and has a textured matte finish.

• Paper print that has a black finish: These are shipped within two weeks and is crafted utilizing solid wood finger-jointed pine.

• Paper print with reclaimed wooden frame: These use salvaged wood for creating the wooden frames.

• Canvas gallery wraps: They are maps printed on thick archival canvas and are ready within two weeks of ordering. They come varnished for stronger protection.

If you would like a custom color and shape, you can express your desire and acquire a quote of the same from Maps are a great way to get confident in your navigation as you enjoy exploring rarely visited regions.